Reflective Journal wk 1

On Monday you completed an Enrolment writing task. What areas did you identify as your priorities for improvements during Foundation plus ?
During the writings, I’ve realise that I could improve my drawing skills more because I’m always not good at drawing comparing to others. I would like to improve my drawing skills by learning more techniques and trying with different materials more also practice more drawings.


What did you think about other student’s work in the crit ? What did you learn from seeing other’s work ?
During the self portrait crit, I’ve come to realise that everyone’s ideas are all unique and interesting, some didn’t show the idea immediately but after the author’s explanation the images would make sense. I really like Demetra’s work where she shows two split images trying to combine different pictures together as one and she actually did it, it was shadow of her face and head. The work was stunning and full with life makes me think of how time would pass quickly without we noticing. I learned that self portrait isn’t about showing your face but showing your thoughts, ideas and true self through images you could also come to realise the person’s other side by looking at their self portrait how they intend to express themselves in different ways.


How did you experiment with drawing techniques in the second (Archway Life) project ?

My favourite technique was using continuous drawings when I could capture the shapes with continuos lines in order to create interesting shapes out of it. Also by using water colour, the colour would make the drawings more energetic and outstanding.


What do you plan to do over the weekend to complete the Archway Life project?

I didn’t drew a lot of sketches in Friday so during weekend I would like to complete more drawings and try to send my ideas through drawings how I’m looking at relationship of attachments between people and nature.


What difficulties did you face this week and what did you try to overcome it ?

For my self portrait I’ve face the difficulties of how to show my concept ‘Who am I’ straight forward, because I was experimenting in lots of ways and I’m not sure which would show the theme better. I’ve overcome this by experimenting more but also asking others without explaining my concept, how they think the messages I’m sending is.


Which events, experiences or processes this week were most enjoyable and why ?

I really enjoy the walk in Archway when we have to follow the map and explore Archway looking at some significant architectures and learning about the history of this place. During exploring, we get to draw down what we see and I found that interesting because we can observe through our eyes and not through flat photographs I also get to look around me and learn about Archway in my own way.


How are you managing your time ? Did you manage to get everything that needed done this week ?

I think I’ve managed my time quite well at self portrait project, because I’ve manage to do lots of experiments and also get to talk to others about my ideas also in the end I’m quite satisfy with my final piece for the 2 days project. But as for the Archway project, I didn’t manage my time quite well since I’ve only done few drawing due to I was busy looking around instead of drawing them down.



wk1 video

Reflective Journal wk3

June 15th

New project had started and it was about collaging, we've been ask to create five outcomes with different techniques. I had fun and enjoyed the process, even though I had a little difficulities with one of the request which was about removing part of the images, I had overcome by using punching holes on images to create things that seem to be hidden or losing. 

June 16th

Today we've been introduced to printing workshop, even though I've been in touch with lino and stencil printing before but the printing from glass was something I never tried before. I found it interesting by carving what we want on the glass and also using different tools like sand paper and nails to make the print become more interesting and full with different textures. I simply carved a geometric unsymmetry shape but while scrubbing off the inks I intend to create circular textures and patterns purposely to make a contrast between two shapes. Afternoon was about photoshopping our collages from yesterday into black and white also making the contrast stronger. I had some difficulties with the contrast because my image was overlaying each other so it is quite difficult to make sure both of them are in the best effects. I had overcome by keep on experimenting with the colours and contrasts couple times and tried to play with the effects and finally I had a result that I'm satisfy with.

June 17th

Learning about reflective journal and research 

I've learned more about researching and how to write reflective journal by constantly asking ourselves questions like how why and what, questioning ourselves the purposes. For our research also getting to know how to dig deeper into the artists's purpose and why. I think in my reflective journal I haven't been questioning myself deeper enough so it was more descriptive in some ways, I would change this by asking myself more questions.


June 18th


First time getting in touch with photopolymer, printing out images that we've collaged yesterday in photoshop. During printing the images I find out it's kind of difficult for me to print out the contract enough since my images are overlapping each other, I didn't really overcome it but I decided to embrace the fact and play with the prints by trying out with different colours combination not only with black. If I'm going to do this project again, I would change my collage image by making them not overlapping each other and also while inking it I would be more careful and maybe experiment with layering prints over each other.

June 19th

Pinhole Camera

I had successfully building up my pinhole camera but while photographing I think I might had make some mistakes because I had accidentally shake the camera few times so I am worry about the images, when they had been wash out I am afraid that they would be white or even blurred at some point. If I could redo this project, I would place the camera on a steady and stable place and make sure it wouldn't shake at all then photograph the picture. 

wk3 video

Reflective Part 2 (500-1000 words)


The project that I think was most successful for me is Book Object, because not only during the Brighton trip I get to draw and photograph interesting things that catch my attentions but also the development stage. I was looking into illusion which we were asked to create a 3D piece as final. So I decide to go for clear acrylic and using machines to cut them and heat to melt them then bend into the shapes I want, the process was interesting and new for me because I was new to these in workshops but because I was willing to try had make my final piece turned out really abstract and even better than I was expecting.

The problems I’ve been having during foundation plus was mostly about drawing, because in my acknowledge that drawing are suppose to be realistic and people should understand immediately what you were drawing but after talking to Bea about this problem I was having, she had make me realise that it was only me who was limiting myself because of my acknowledge my drawings aren’t improving. I’ve slowly realise that it is more important to find your own visual language than trying to draw out something that was completely the same from the object/thing we were looking at. Sometimes we can even draw only the outlines or small details and parts we have found interesting. 

During Foundation Plus I had learnt a lots of new techniques, from wide range of workshops of experimenting with metal, sculpture, wood, plastic, knitting and even laser cutting, which I found most excited and would like to try with in the future. Also from the projects, I’ve learnt how to use premium pro, it really had benefit me because I could make my editing deeper and try out more possibilities in editing from now on. Also I’ve get to experience with different drawing techniques like the one I found most interesting was tape drawing, it was the first time I’ve heard to draw with tape and it actually turned out really nice you couldn’t tell it was tape from a distance because it was neat and tape drawing actually turned out to look really graphical which is related to my subject area so I would like to use this technique in the future. 

From writing reflective journal everyday had really benefit me a lot because I start to think about things I weren’t thinking and start to question myself pushing myself to think deeper and start to analyse my works, also the reflective video each week had also make me notice that every week I’ve learnt a lot and for the past week what I could improve in the future. By analysing myself and questioning myself could make me improve more because I start to notice my problems and start making changes. 

Feedback from Bea was about wanting me to found my visual language which is something I was also searching and looking for the pass weeks, also after talking to Bea had make me realise that I should keep doing research in my subject area which is Fashion Communication, I should start gathering informations and constantly involve with the Fashion industry.

For the past month in Foundation Plus, I’ve experienced a lot from projects to projects I’ve slowly seen my changes I’m more mature now in time controlling and developing also the parts when we discuss in group I found out so many interesting and different thinkings that each person has and had really taught me a lot. So I would say I’ve enjoyed the whole Foundation Plus so far since everything was so inspiring and alive.

For preparing my future course, to be honest I’m still a little nervous because fashion is such a large industry and even narrowing down to fashion communication there are still so much to learn about and so much to figure out, so I would say I will be constantly pushing myself by making myself learn, embrace, and connect to my future course area.

My strengths as a student of Art and Design, I think it would be researching and willing to experiment. These are two important things as an art student should have, researching could help us know more and looking deeper into the theme we were going to explore and as for the experiment stage it would allow us to try out our ideas and developing ideas further, I am willing to experiment in different techniques and different materials, I enjoy the feeling of experimenting even though sometimes there are some failures but at least I would learn things from it which is the part I enjoy the most during experimenting.

For the rest of the course I would like to improve

1. My developing skills, I would like to develop more because the projects were all one week since it was too short in my sketchbook I realise I didn’t show a lot what I was thinking and the process of how ideas are changing so I would make a change.

2. Sketches, since now I found my way of drawing I would like to continue this further in the rest of the courses.

3. Reflective journal, some of my reflective were a little too descriptive so I would change that by more questioning and analysing.

4. Reflective Video, my reflective video haven’t add works in it so sometimes when I was talking about my work the audience couldn’t picture it in their mind so I would need to add some photographs.

Reflective Journal wk2


We’ve been introduced to a new program today - Premium Pro, it’s a video editing program which I’ve never used before. I’m worry and nervous about using this program, I’m afraid if I didn’t do it right I couldn’t produce my final well.Throughout the lesson, I’ve slowly getting to know the program well and I start to feel interesting and excited to play with the program more. I’m glad that I’ve get out of my comfort zone and willing to try something new.



The project has started and we’ve been asked to create a video by using old videos or videos that has already exists. I wasn’t sure about what to do at the start, so I was randomly creating and playing with different ideas, like combining the movie ‘Jumper’ with cartoon ‘Simpsons’ tried to make it funny and change the conversation that was on the move. But after experimenting with it I find out that even though it was interesting but the video doesn’t have a meaning or message behind it. So I decide to try different idea, and I thought of Social Media. At first I was looking at how people are influenced by celebrities how they are all copying celebrities’ style and looks, but I still find this idea not good enough so then thought of the influence of social media how people are too addicted to social media and ignored people who are actually beside them that they could interact with.



Today was workshop day, we’ve been introduced to different area’s workshop. I was fascinated by the wood and plastic workshop, how we could built things we’ve imagine actually into pieces and how the different tools and machine we could work with in the environment, I’m excited to create more interesting pieces by using them.



My video was combination of three videos all about the idea of social media influence, so I was grabbing similar parts and parts that they would easily blend together. I was having difficulties with the audio because I’m not sure to use their original audio or focus on one video’s audio. I listened to each video’s content and choose one to be the main audio in my film. So I’ve chosen the audio that was the most influential and most interesting in my opinion. Even though I’ve chosen the audio track but still had difficulties editing due to the original track was talking to fast so while I was cutting parts down sometimes would also cut some parts that shouldn’t be in there. I’ve tried my best to remove the surplus audios, but there are still little bits that are hard to remove.


It was crit for the videos, I’ve been given some feedbacks about that some parts of my videos are too obvious that they had been cut but the message was sent well because of the talks in the video. If I get to redo the project again , I would use the same videos but maybe for the audio I could change to ones that aren’t talking that fast so it’s more convenient for me to edit it. Also for the video I would like to make some changes that are funnier or more interesting even to exaggerate some parts in the video.

wk2 video

Reflective Journal wk 4

June 22th

Tutorial day with Bea 

After talking to Bea, I've realised some changes that I would need to make.

1. Reflective Journal could be more personal by thinking deeper and explaining the causes and effects more in details

2. Drawing, since I'm not confident in my drawing I should draw all the time in order to improve. If I had some problems, I could ask tutors for help but mostly is that I would need to practice more. 

3.Visual language, start exploring and think about trying to make a mark of my own my very personal way/style of visual language.

June 24th

Line drawings

Been taught to draw in different ways in different techniques like drawing in hyperbolic, parabolic, one point perspective, two point perspective and tape drawings. The one I've enjoy the most was tape drawing, it was really interesting to draw with tapes and how you could curve the tape slowly to create a curve and how you could slice it to create angles. But the most successful one isn't the tape drawing it's the hyperbolic in my opinion because I've intend to capture the shape of the chip quite well by clean lines and continous drawings.  Even though I've enjoyed the tape drawing but at the start I had difficulties with it because I couldn't really curve the tape smooth enough without any creases and also the ratio are quite hard to control. But I've come through it by trying couple times to see how to curve it without creating creases as for the ratios I've stand back a little to see if it's right and if it was wrong I would immediately change it.

June 25th

Museum day

We went to Hungarian gallery and the Zoology museum to look at bones and structures of humans and animals. I was fascinated by the Hungarian gallery, the display of collections inside was amazing all of the details of human and animal structures were fully been display as an artwork. While drawing them down, I've used different techniques like clean line drawing, continous line drawings, not looking at the paper drawing and detail drawings. But I'm not very good at drawing in details like the shadowing, so I've tried in my own way by only capturing the outlines.

June 26th


We've been asked to use the drawings we've done yesterday to create a chimera. I had no idea in mind so decide to play with it and randomly collage them. Many people were creating 3D outcome but I decide to go by drawings. My drawings had experiment with different materials, I had collage with crayon colours by combining different pieces together and use colours to know that they are each parts. Also I've experiment with using paper straw draw by inks, I had fun with it and would like to use this technique in the future.

wk 4 video

Reflective Journal wk 5

June 29th


After spending a day in Brighton, I'm fascinated by the atmosphere there the relaxing peoples with the colourful passionate and energetic building and architectures. 

My drawings were more about the outlines of the architectures I've also overlay them with each other creating some illusion, also with the rubbings some patterns didn't really pop out but I like how it had press on the back side of the pages with only the marks. I've taken lots of photographs mostly relate to my theme - repetition which I was looking at lines, patterns and symmetry. Sound recording was the most successful, because I've record some really interesting sounds like my favourite one was people fixing the pier with electric drill and their walkie talkie was talking in the background. The sounds wasn't too pale but also interesting by involving some conversations and words in it. I found most difficult in found objects, I think I was too limited because I was searching for something that was very interesting instead I should look at small things and see how they are different in their own ways. 

June 30th

Laser cutting / Experiment 

Afternoon was developing our ideas further by following Bea's rules for each drawing, rubbing, photographs, sound recording, and found objects. We were ask to turn the things different from the originals. Most successful one was the found object, I had photocopy my postcard four times and cut them in stripes then colour code them into a new image. I really like how it turned out and the piece made me think of glitche which I would like to consider as my final theme for book object. I had difficulties with how to change the rubbing but after talking to Bea I had an idea which is to use the photocopier to invert the image first and print out in black. I really like how it turned out, the rubbings were more details and had make the rubbing more interesting than the originals.

July 2th

Workshop making

My idea originally started with making a cube or pyramid shape as my book object then stick acetates on it. But after actually talking to Karen had make me realise that I don't have to make a box or a container because my theme was illusion which I could make something really abstract and it might match with my theme even more. I've chosen clear arcylic because I would like the piece to be transparent and clear to make the acetate shine through it. But at first I've chosen an arcylic that was too thick so when I was cutting it it had created wiggle lines and sparkles, after talking to the technicians they had advise me to choose the thinner one so the lines would be straight and easier to cut through. My final came out completely different than I was expecting even better because of the shapes they doesn't make sense in some way but they look interesting after combining them together.


wk5 video

Reflective Journal wk 6

July 6th


This week is all about collaboration with different subject area partner and create a final piece in the end of the week. I'm working with Cheng who is specialist in Fashion Contour. It is an area I would say I'm not very fimilar with even though we both work in the fashion industry but our areas are little different so we had some problems in collaborating together. Because we were ask to show both of our area in one piece so it is quite hard for Fashion Communication and Fashion Contour to combine without she making the garment and I photograph it. We realise we have this problem so we talked to Naomi about this and she had given us advice of thinking what we are in common and start with it. The talk was very helpful and I think we are finally on the right track so throughout the day it  was all fluent and successful. 

July 7th

The object we've saw in the CSM museum was a textile paper structure that looks dense but flexible at the same time also the colours of it would change while turning the object. We were inspired by the camouflage and hiding part from the object because contour was creating pieces for us to hide some parts of our bodies. So we have start looking into the concept - hiding by creating origami pattern that are inspired by animal's camouflage and projected the shadows on manikin to see how they look on bodies

I think it is a little difficult for me to write the process from KX till now because we have been through rocky paths and by summarising it into 100 words I would need to think clearly about mentioning the most important process and points.

The experiment we've did today successful the origami patterns look interesting and beautiful by projecting them on bodies also we have discover that by moving the lights the patterns would transform from clear to fuzzy from small to big. For tomorrow I would like to try with real projection and projecting real animal skins on to see how it looks on the body and what would the effect be. 

By working with another discipline had affected my work because she was contour and I'm fashion communication, I could do things more graphical or things are more dramatic in other ways but because her subject area has to be close to skins so I couldn't really do things that are dramatic but it is fine with me because collabarating is about figuring it out what kind of interesting things could we create.

We are still co creating because each step we go we think about each other and would question ourself "is this related to her subject area", we are collabrating in a way that both of us are satisfy with.

July 8th


Today was about talking our ideas and see if there's any improvement that could be adjust or make. Me and Chencheng kept on experimenting with the idea of origami and tested the shapes by shining the shadows on manikin to see how they would look on bodies. The experiment was successful but we think it was too dull it was plain black and white even though the shapes are interesting but because lack of colour had make the image seems to be missing something. So I decide to find some images of animal camouflaging and draw their outline and overlay each other to create patterns, the photos were more colourful and will test out tomorrow with Chencheng.

July 9th

Almost final 

We tested out the images I've produced and I've also added a new series about coral and fishes, I was inspired by the idea of how we people kind of rely on contours and the idea is same with coral and fish how fish rely on coral and hide in them for protection and security. The images were shine through projector and the effect was strong and definitely better than black and white. But as for Chencheng she has to think about how to design the final garment. We had a conversation with John, and he had give us suggestions like to make the origami pieces larger more dramatic and if the concept was hiding why don't we make a mask to hide the model ? After talking to him, we think it is right to make a mask and during the experiments we found out the mask was too glossy so we would need to paint acrylic on the mask to make the surface duller.

July 10th

Photo shoot

Chencheng had produce an amazing garment and during the photo shoot I had told model to make some hiding poses by curling herself up and posture like trying not to be seem. The photo shoot went well and we are both very satisfy with our work if we had one more week I think we would make adjust on the garment because the pieces could be more variety and more dramatic, I would also change some images make them more details and delicate, the patterns could be develop into deeper meanings. But overall it was a successful collaboration.


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